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Yaadbook the fully featured free forever online memorial services on the internet. This is a site where you can create an everlasting presence of your lost loved one. This virtual memorial provides with platform where you can share memories, stories, messages, photos, videos, send condolences, and write tributes. These features we offer reflect your loved one's life and personality with cherished memories alive while keeping control on sensitive aspects such as privacy and security.


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Yaadbook is an online memorial site not about death, it's all about life. Here you can create an everlasting tribute to someone special you have loved and lost. It is all about relishing the beautiful gift of life and remembering those who are no longer with us and for those who they were. Here you are encouraged to remember and pay tribute to those special persons whose presence have influenced your life, family, and friends. This allows you to create a virtual interactive gallery for the families to come together and preserve the sweet, precious and beautiful memorial for future generations to come. This brings a positive perspective to your memories by assuaging your grief with an appreciation of everyone around you.

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24 Nov, 2017

Online memorials

An online memorial covers any tribute or story to someone that has passed away, usually a loved one. An online memorial can be either a simple one page tribute mentioning the name of the deceased with a few words to a more elaborate and fully interactive memorial site that commemorates and remembers a loved one’s life in their entirety with photos, videos and numerous memories and stories from friends and family. The main objective behind an online memorial is to make it last beyond the immediate grief of a loved one passing away.

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24 Nov, 2017

Preserving Memories of Lost Loved Ones

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