7 Unique Ways to Preserve the Memory of a Loved One

Death is one of the scariest things to see into and when your loved one passes away, the memories can pass away with time. This is similar thing that the phrase says, “Out of sight, out of Mind”. Even if you don’t forget all at once, you may forget how they smiled or laughed at first. Soon after you start forgetting how they dressed, and eventually how the sounded and looked it.

Memories are like flame and they will eventually burn out unless you have someone to fan the flame. There are so many unique ways to keep the memory of a loved one’s fresh and alive.

#Picture of a specific memory

You can try remembering a specific memory that involves both of you and easily recalls them doing an activity. Whether it be watching their favorite TV show, dancing, cooking, research helps in quoting this technique as the best one to hover into memory.

#Have a recording of their voice

Sometimes people forget the voice of someone who is no longer alive. Here sound recognition is more subtle and nuanced than sight and smells recognition which makes forgetting loved one’s voice easier. You can get audio of their voice from your old phone or retrieve voice mail.

#Create a memory book

Scrapbooking the memories of loved ones are not only fun but also keeps the memory alive. This is something you can show it to other friends/family. Since people love beautiful imagery; scrapbook can connect these moments in that person’s life together in a specific way.


Storytelling helps to reinforce the feeling of connection you have with your loved ones who have passed away. Getting together with family and friends and recounting stories that involve the deceased person is a good way to keep the memory of the person well and alive.

#Start a new tradition

Starting a new tradition can be as simple as taking a walk to a certain place on certain days. If you and the decedent used to always go fishing on Sunday’s, you can continue this tradition. You can also involve other family and friends to go with you.

#Put together a memory quilt

You can take up a notch and craft a memory quilt and put together using the loved one’s t-shirts, clothes, favorite patterns or colours. You could love the warn quilt in place of memory pillow that doesn’t spark your interest.

#Plant a memorial tree

A tree can continue the cycle of a life and planting it that has passed with the help of a plant. These also have beautiful sympathy cards to show your support & love to a grieving family/friend.

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