Five ways to honour your lost loved ones on your wedding

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure

Undoubtedly the greatest event in life, a wedding is a time of celebration with your loved ones and closest friends. We know that nothing can compare to having your loved ones right by your side on your special day and if you have lost someone dear to you, it’s only natural to feel sad that they aren’t there with you. However, you can still honour your loved ones during your wedding and allow them to be there with you in spirit as you walk down the aisle.

Wear something that reminds you of your loved one

As a bride, wearing your beloved mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress is an incredibly sentimental way of making them feel more alive on your big day. The nostalgic sight of a bride wearing her loved one’s wedding dress is an extremely special and private way of honouring a lost loved one and in doing so, you actually keep that person very close to your heart on a day where you ache for their presence. It doesn’t necessarily have to a wedding dress; you can even wear something as simple as your loved one’s earring, brooch, handkerchief or any small memento that reminds you of them. As you walk down the aisle or stand up at the altar, your loved ones will be right there with you, by your side.

Have a photo display

On your big day, you want the most special people in your life to be there to celebrate it with you. While nothing can ever replace this, you can actually have a photo display of them on your wedding day and in a strange kind of way, this can make you feel aware of their presence. Display photos of your lost loved one also makes for a wonderful Do-It-Yourself project and you can decide on your own unique way of having a photo display. Whether you want to create a table filled with pictures of your loved ones, make a huge handmade wreath-like photo display or practically any other way, the bottom line is that having a photo display is a great way of reminding yourself of all the special lost ones in your life.

Save a seat for them

Saving a seat for lost loved ones has become a popular way for couples to honour their loved ones. You can even add a piece of clothing, their favourite memento, a framed photo, a special note or even flowers that will remind you of them. Setting up a seat for them during your wedding ceremony will serve as a reminder that they are there with you, right there on the biggest and most important day of your life.

Incorporate their favourite flowers in your table setting and choose their favourite songs

There is nothing that can pay a better tribute than beautiful, fresh flowers. Decorate your table centerpiece with flowers that were very special to your lost loved ones. It could be a flower that they always tended to carefully in their garden or it could even be a flower that simply reminds you of them. You can also play songs that they loved and as you dance to those tunes, it will remind you of them. Above all, incorporating something that they loved in your wedding ceremony is a great way to honour them, and make you feel closer to them.

Donate to charity in their honour

Is there any way in which you could honour the life of your loved one better than by giving charity on their behalf? And on the greatest day of your life, donate something in their honour. Cut back on your budget and save money to contribute to you loved one’s favourite charity or have your guests donate something instead of offering a wedding gift. Either way, make sure that you give back in honour of someone special. You could also send off your wedding guests with a token of love inspired by a late family member and donating anything at all in their honour will create a lasting impression- one that would undoubtedly make your loved one immensely proud of you.

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