Four Ways to Keep the Memories of Your Loved Ones Alive

Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries, it can’t separate people from love. It can’t take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.

When someone leaves us and passes on, we fear that we will forget them, that their memories will fade away from us. We fear that their smile, their fragrance and the sound of their voice will be erased from our memories. But in time, you will come to realize that you will never forget them, that you can’t wipe out their memories. Simple things will remind you of them and there will be so many subtle reminders that prove that they are still very much a part of your life.

There are countless ways we can honor and keep the memories alive of those we loved, those who shaped up and helped us to become who we are today. Here are four ways to keep the memories alive and reduce the pain of loss:

1- Talk about them

Tell others about the story of your lost loved one. Talk about how they helped you be the person you are today, about the lessons they instilled in you that you still carry in your heart. Talk about your loved one to the younger members of the family. Show them pictures and videos and let them see and experience what they have missed.

2- Do what they did, become what they were

Continue the legacy of the positive things your loved one left behind. Keep doing what they did to the best of your ability and most of all, do it with love and to honor them for their good deeds. If your loved one supported a particular cause, continue to keep the support going in their name. If they had habits that helped others, create and nurture those habits in you.

3- Make a scrapbook

Collect pictures, cards, their handwritten notes and recipes and other memorabilia for your scrapbook. Throw a little party in honor of your loved one. Some people can help put the scrapbook together or they can all share in the experience of remembering your loved one- the life they lived and the impact they had on your lives. View the scrapbook as often as you like to keep their memories fresh in your mind.

4- Keep the light on

Whether it be a candle, special tradition or a plant, keep something alive and well in their honor. Choose something that you can see daily, something that is alive and dynamic in nature, something that has life in it and gives you comfort. Something that reminds you that although the one you loved has passed on, they still live in your heart.

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