Online memorials

What is an online memorial?

An online memorial covers any tribute or story to someone that has passed away, usually a loved one. An online memorial can be either a simple one page tribute mentioning the name of the deceased with a few words to a more elaborate and fully interactive memorial site that commemorates and remembers a loved one’s life in their entirety with photos, videos and numerous memories and stories from friends and family. The main objective behind an online memorial is to make it last beyond the immediate grief of a loved one passing away.

If you have lost a loved one, dealing with the grief can be a tough process, not only for the family, but for each and every person whose life was touched by your loved one. Creating an online memorial for your departed loved one can be one of the most suitable, lasting and broad-reaching tribute that you can make to honor the life lived by your loved one. Furthermore, an online memorial will also allow others to visit the memorial from anywhere in the world and this will greatly help you, your family and friends to find another personal channel for dealing with the loss.

As times passes and other people contribute their messages, poetry and photos to the memorial, it becomes a beautiful source of cherished memories for everyone to reflect upon. Creating an online memorial is one of the best ways to make sure that your loved one is honored and remembered.

An online memorial is, in no terms, similar to an obituary and there are some important areas where memorials differ. An obituary is generally written by a columnist to create a precise assessment of the character and life of the deceased while an online memorial has a more individual and emotional approach to it.

How an online memorial can help in grieving

An online memorial is now a widely used and accepted part of the grieving process. The principal reason for this is that online memorials encourage expression and communication between the bereaved and the rest of the society. Counselors have found that a creating an online memorial is a means by which people can work through their grief of loosing a loved one. The sharing process can also play a significant role in healing following bereavement.

People have always turned to memorials to remember and honor their loved ones. With online memorials, you, together with your family and friends from anywhere in the world can share precious memories and create a personalized tribute to allow the life of a loved one be remembered and celebrated.

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