Preserving Memories of Lost Loved Ones

Losing a loved one can be a devastating experience. Deciding the method in which we honor our loved ones who played such pivotal parts in our lives can seem like an overwhelming task for many. But there are multitudes of unique and remarkable ways in which you can celebrate your loved one’s life. Below, you will find seven ways to preserve the memories of lost loved ones and commemorate them:

Dedicate a memorial bench

A memorial bench can be placed in a picturesque spot, a place your loved one enjoyed or even in your own garden where you can sit and bring to mind all the amazing times you had together. There are certain places where you can get a memorial bench or you can even source a bench from a garden center and arrange the engraving of the plague yourself.

Plant a tree

Planting a tree is often used to celebrate a birth and the same logic can be used to celebrate the memory of a life lived. Planting a tree to remember a loved one’s life after they are gone has a much more personal touch and every year when the tree blooms, you can bring in some of the branches into the house to symbolize the celebration of that life.

Frame a cherished garment

For many people, the thought of departing with a loved one’s garment is painful. Framing a cherished garment is a way to make them a permanent memory. There are countless professional framers who will assist you in deciding the best approach to display an article of clothing of your loved one.

Turn a favorite article of their clothing into a teddy bear

If your loved one was known for their signature clothing or colorful prices of garment, you can turn them into a teddy bear to remember them in the form of a keepsake. Or if you don’t like the idea of a teddy bear, you could turn that piece of clothing into a cushion or lap quilt or whatever way you would best like to keep their memory live.

Wear an accessory of your loved one

Whether it’s your mother’s favorite pair of earrings or your grandfather’s wristwatch, having a piece of another person’s life with you at all times will make you feel a lot closer to them.

Create a memory quilt with the clothing or photos of a loved one

Memory quilts are special and are gaining in popularity across the globe because it is a wonderful way to capture beloved memories either by using clothing worn by a lost one or using their photographs. If you have the expertise and skill to create you own memory quilt, then it will add a more personal touch to it.

Set an annual day of celebration

Numerous cultures from around the world set out a day every year to commemorate the people they have lost. In Mexico, for example, the celebration is called ‘Day of the Dead’ and this is held annually on the second of November. This day is a national holiday in Mexico where family and friends will gather together to pray for their loved one and remember the ones who have gone on.

You can also set a special day every year where family and friends of your loved one can gather together and remember their passing. During the gathering, you can eat their favourite food, play their favorite music, and remember their life and the time you spent together.

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