Top 10 Memorial Website

It has always been a human natural to memorialize someone who has recently passed away. We want people to know who they were by allowing family/friends to come together and render memories, insights and thoughts of their depart. When we speak about online, it’s a big business because it can be shared all over the work. This creates a platform for everyone to access.

Here is some list of top online memorial website and obituary tribute website that you might need to share important documents that your loved ones might need.


  1. helps you to treasure the memory of your loved ones who have passed away from your life. It let you capture memories for future generation through obituary, albums, videos, photos, and audios.
  2. This site allows friends & families to celebrate life of lost loved ones by writing life biography, compiling photo, audio, video albums, leaving tributes, sharing stories in their memories.
  3. It helps to honor and celebrate the life of individual through a common bond and through networks of newspaper and funeral home affiliates. Some of the links include memorials for 9/11 victims, famous people, all branches of military. There are guestbooks to sign.
  4. This website offers lasting tribute for the departed, human as well as pets. You can receive obit text to document your loved ones life story, priceless moments and family connections.
  5. This is a social network where you can create & maintain a place to share memories of your loved ones. This website builds a community of friends/family that keeps your cherish memories alive. There are also other features associated to reflect while keeping control of security, religion and privacy.
  6. This is a very user-friendly site and you can find different templates ranging from military, children and everything in between. You can find limited selection of background music even and can log in with Facebook and allow the visitors leave virtual flowers and lights.
  7. iLasting doesn’t have a great deal of unique features, however it does offer basic options like songs, virtual candles, photos, stories, video capability and more verses.
  8. This is a smaller site that focuses on the community aspect of grieving and provides very personalized page, family groups, friends, tributes, albums mostly for younger people.
  9. This is the largest and most recognized online memorial site and includes background music, different template; privacy customs, timeline for departed life, a guest wall, charity connect, etc.
  10. This site feels much welcoming and warmer than many other sites. The basic functionality includes virtual candles, tributes, guest book, stories, photos and number of personalize options.

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