Ways to Honor Deceased Love Ones- How to Remember

There are many people around who have lost their loved ones and are then into the throes of grief. Just like our personalities are so diverse and multifaceted, so are our grieving styles. However, we shouldn’t punish or shame ourselves for not grieving the way others want us to grieve. Since everyone has a unique handling of tragedy, it’s okay to honor that.

Below are some ways to honor your loved ones and also strengthen yourself and heal your heart.

#Transfer your emotions into an activity

You can pour everything into the protagonist and can write sessions. You’ll feel that after each writing, you will feel even stronger, relieved and refreshed. Whether it’s a hobby that’s been formant for some time or a new activity altogether, you can share it to your love one by transferring your emotions into activity. This is a great way to detox yourself from stress and other disempowering emotions.

#Surround yourself with their love

You can cover your bed’s headboard with their pictures and wear their hats, sweaters or shirts. Put a memento they love on your nightstand. Now, wallpaper an area in your home with the greetings card you exchanged that may not be physically present. However, its okay to cherish what they meant to you. Surround yourself with wonderful time you shared together.

#Meet with grieving group

Sometimes what a person needs is the opportunity to talk out their emotions with people who know what they’re going through. You can find grieving groups within faith communities, local community meet-up groups, online forums, hospitals, etc. Putting your emotions into words can help you better understand your true feelings and you’ll benefit from advice, support, and encouragement.

Honoring the Memory

Many people make out the different perspective to honor people. Either wearing their dresses at some special day or share stories they wear about favorite colours, even celebrate the life of the deceased.

Once the funeral is over, having a special way to honor them can help soothe the hurt of grief. It can also be as simple as lightening a candle in church or might involve spending an entire weekend remembering. Honoring ensures that a connection so strong during their life remain with you even after death.

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